Paul Ong, Silvia Jimenez, Bill Parent, Elena Ong

Los Angeles County residents donate about $6 billion annually to charities and other nonprofit institutions. While this is an impressive figure, it represents only a fraction of total spending on human services, education, health, and arts and culture in the County.  It is roughly equal to not only what Los Angeles County pays in public assistance alone ($6.5 billion) but also the entire Los Angeles Unified School District Budget ($6.6 billion).  This2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Report has two goals: first, to provide nonprofit executive directors, board members, and fund-raisers a useful guide to what is known and what matters when it comes to individual giving and, second, to inform and assist donors in the region to better understand the patterns, effects, and challenges of charitable giving in Los Angeles County. More specifically, this report was conceptualized as a primer and guide to individual giving in Los Angeles, a tour of the territory, and a contribution to the local literature in capacity building for newer board members, executive directors, and fund-raisers. We have set out to paint as comprehensive a picture of individual giving as possible from available local data and extrapolations from national and regional data and research, as well as from the experiences and assumptions of people who have been successful in developing individual giving strategies in the region.

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