Picture your favorite childhood escape or a vacation destination you frequented with loved ones.

Now, you are surprised by a child tugging at your sleeve asking, “What are you doing to address the impacts of climate change?”

Most of us would never have imagined the tragedies that faced the country in the last decade — hurricanes Catrina and Sandy, droughts like California is experiencing and the frightening wildfires that plague the west.

The San Diego Foundation and Climate Education Partners with funding from the National Science Foundation released a new study last month. It’s not a typical ‘the sky is falling’ environmental study. Sure, it includes science from Scripps Institution of Oceanography – world-renowned for its research on climate change. This report, “San Diego, 2050 Is Calling: How Will We Answer?” however, is an unprecedented effort among scientists, community leaders, business, public agencies, tribal communities, healthcare, community activists, environmentalists and others outlining specific regional impacts and the effective actions leaders are engaged in, and ways to continue to expand their engagement.  (See Blog Post PDF Here)