There is a layer of readiness that needs to be in place for a rural community to attract the resources it needs, but also to absorb those resources in the right way.

- Stacy Caldwell, CEO, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Tweet

Excerpt from the Aspen Institute’s Rural Development Hubs Report: Strengthening America’s Rural Innovation Infrastructure:

Rural America has caught the nation’s attention. Our nation is full of questions about it. The media, voters, public officials, investors and neighbors are asking: “What is rural? What is happening there? Who lives there? Why? Why do they think the way they do? How are they doing? What can be done about it?”

This report addresses questions often asked by caring people who shepherd resources that could be channeled to advance rural people and places — foundation leaders, individual investors and government officials. “We’d like to do more for rural America,” they offer. “But who can we work with? And besides that, what works?”