In August 2022 the California Press Foundation joined Media in Color and the League of California Community Foundations to preview the new Community Foundation and Local Media Guidebook for California newsrooms and funders.

Many local news organizations and community foundations share the same mission with an informed community at the center. Dr. Paulette Brown-Hinds believes the guidebook will serve as a resource for both community foundations and local media organizations and can strengthen the news and information ecosystem in the Golden State.

“In California an increasing number of community foundations recognize their community sees better outcomes when residents are well-informed, when local governments are held accountable, and when there’s transparency around civic life,” commented Laura Seaman, CEO for the League of California Community Foundations, a coalition of over 30 community foundations across the state.

During the preview event, Jane Elizabeth, guidebook author and researcher, called the project a guideline for working together.

“There has been a substantial increase in community foundations support of journalism and media,” she said, “with a focus on civic education and media literacy.” She anticipates more collaborations and more successful projects in the future.

Download the guidebook here.

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