Kari Coady’s journey to leadership –

As executive director of the nonprofit Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Kari Coady understands the important role movement plays in transforming lives and fostering the ability to thrive amid life’s changes.

Several years ago, Kari was named executive director of the Ventura organization with a board of directors spread out across the globe.

“I knew nothing about nonprofits,” said Kari, who was trained as an educator.

By chance, she opened an email from the Center for Nonprofit Leadership at VCCF and the next day enrolled in the Board Leadership Institute at her own expense.

It was an eye-opening experience as Kari began to learn about nonprofit best practices. Using the information from that class, she set out to transform the organization starting with her relationship with the board. Together, they began putting procedures, policies and structures in place to support a healthier future for the organization.

Kari started to embrace her leadership role. The energetic executive developed a thirst for more information and kept right on going with her training. She remains a curious seeker of ways of doing her good work better.

“Over the years, Kari always saw herself as a student. I have seen her become a savvy, self-confident leader and a mentor of the next generation of nonprofit leaders serving our community,” said Dena Jenson, CNL director.

Kari has taken another step for which VCCF is most grateful. She recently became a monthly CNL donor.

When asked what made her donate she replied, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the CNL staff and faculty. Their ability to teach guide and support has drawn out the leader within me.”