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Santa Barbara Foundation Sponsors NonProfit Executives at Stanford Management Institute

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As nonprofits are continually expected to do more with less, and access to resources has become even scarcer, the Santa Barbara Foundation was again pleased to support attendance of 11 nonprofit executives at a two-day cutting edge leadership conference at the Stanford Nonprofit Management Institute.

Titled “Partnering for Impact,” this year’s conference was geared toward learning creative new strategies for running and growing organizations through tough economic times. Conference sessions were developed specifically for nonprofit leaders and included building the right funding model; creating a volunteerism model for long-term social impact; working across issue sectors; and measuring impact.

The participants will give presentations to share what they learned with the nonprofit community.  Last year, more than 150 nonprofit executives attended the post-conference meetings, rating this innovative model for both leadership training and county collaboration as exceptional.  The nonprofit executives who attended the conference represent a range of issue areas from health and human services to the arts, education and the environment.  This is the Foundation’s third year of sponsorship investment.

See the News Release for more information.

Gift of Mobility Van / Community Foundation for San Benito County

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Amy Miller is a very happy 14-year old girl riding in her new mobility van.  The purchase of the van was made possible through the Martin Rajkovich Children’s Fund, a fund of the Community Foundation for San Benito County dedicated to improving the quality of life for special needs children living in San Benito County.

This is the first modified vehicle the family has ever owned, and couldn’t have come at a better time for the Miller family, as getting around town for the simplest of errands was becoming a daunting task in their current SUV.  Amy’s mother had to physically lift her in and out of the vehicle, creating physical strain on both mother and daughter. They needed an easy access vehicle that allowed Amy to remain safely in her wheelchair, and the van was the perfect solution.

The Foundation thanks Tiffany Ford Motor Company for spearheading the efforts in locating the specially designed vehicle, for their full safety inspection, and their help in making the family’s dream a reality.

For information regarding the Martin Rajkovich Children’s Fund please contact the Community Foundation at 831.630.1924 or visit the website at

Youth Give Away $20,000 / The Community Foundation Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

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Isaac Morales believes youth today are more involved in their communities than ever before. “They don’t just voice themselves anymore, they take action.”  Isaac  is one of 29  high school students who participate in The Community Foundation Serving Riverside & San Bernardino’s Youth Grantmakers Committee.

The program, launched in 2008, involves them in funding grants for local nonprofit organizations.  Earlier this year, twenty seven nonprofits submitted grant applications with detailed project proposals. They were reviewed by the youth grantmakers, who wanted to help teens dealing with important issues facing young people today.  Nine nonprofits were chosen to receive a total of $20,000. “The goal is to teach young people about the tradition of philanthropy,” said Celia Cudiamat, the foundation’s Vice President of Grant Programs. “We want to increase their awareness about people outside the confines of their own neighborhood, improve their skills in conflict resolution and communications, increase their knowledge about grantmaking, nonprofits and foundations, and teach them leadership and civic skills.  We hope the end result is to increase their interest and involvement in their community.”

Isaac, who will be serving on the committee again next year, summed it up like this: “Youth grantmakers committee is an outlet for us to not only have a voice, but to also have a direct impact with the resources provided to us.  While serving as youth grantmakers, we become leaders, we become liaisons, we become philanthropists, but most importantly, we take action.”

Supporting Trade Tech High / The San Diego Foundation (TSDF)

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The H.G. Fenton Fund was established with The San Diego Foundation in 2001 in part to support the education and technical training of young people entering the building and construction industries.

In late 2010, a check for $60,000 was presented to North County Trade Tech High to sponsor employment of a Trade Instructor. The school provides students with a combination of academic curriculum and hands-on training required to succeed in the building and construction industry. By giving an opportunity to acquire work experience and real-life skills, the school also hopes to keep children from dropping out of school and engaging in crime and other non-productive behavior.

Community Foundation for Monterey County Announces New Grantmaking Framework

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The Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) recently adopted a new framework for its largest grantmaking program, one that embraces a countywide vision of “healthy, safe and vibrant communities.”  The CFMC’s new Community Impact Grants program (formerly known as the General Endowment) focuses on the people and places of Monterey County, highlighting impact and seeking measurable results. Community Impact Grants will address critical issues and opportunities in four primary areas that advance the Foundation’s mission and vision for Monterey County: Investing in People, Strengthening Communities, Celebrating Cultures and Stewarding Environment.  For more information, see the Press Release and Grant Guidelines.

Payday Lending / Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF)

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In SVCF’s region, the economic recovery has not reached many individuals and families who are still trying to rebuild their finances or struggling to regain employment. Too many of those without access to legitimate financial services are turning to payday lenders who charge annualized interest rates that average more than 400 percent on small, short-term loans. Many of these lenders are concentrated in communities of color and neighborhoods where low and very low-income families live.

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The Power of Art / Shasta Regional Community Foundation (SRCF)

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“Art Washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

In 2005, the Shasta Regional Community Foundation was presented with an opportunity. The James Irvine Foundation offered them the chance to re-grant $150,000 to the arts in their region. The Board and staff of the foundation decided this was an opportunity to bring a focused approach to grants for the arts and to provide funding at a time when arts funding from the state was being reduced dramatically. read more

Supporting Seniors / Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF)

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Seniors in rural areas face unique challenges.  In Tahoe Truckee, long months of snow and cold pose significant challenges ranging from the risk of slipping on ice to the difficulties of affording adequate heat.  Many low-income seniors are homebound and during the long, long winter they may not see anyone except the volunteer who delivers Meals on Wheels.

When TTCF heard about proposed cuts to the Meals on Wheels program (less delivery days, fewer clients, packaged meals,) staff quickly convened a group of community “power players,” including elected officials, donors, service club presidents etc. After walking the 35 people present through cuts that the program was proposing, the meeting quickly transitioned to problem solving.

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Silicon Valley Community Foundation Reaches Milestone of $1 Billion in Grant Awards

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With a grant to the National Resources Defense Council in June, Silicon Valley Community Foundation reached a significant milestone of awarding $1 billion in grants since their creation in 2007.  The Foundation manages more than $2 billion in assets. See the Mercury News article for more information.

Greater Sacramento Generosity Project To Spark Charitable Giving in the Region

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“How do we increase charitable giving in our region to ensure the health of community nonprofits into the future so they can continue to do their vital work?”

This question is at the heart of the Greater Sacramento Generosity Project’s mission to understand and nurture philanthropy in the region. The first step of the project has been to quantify giving in the region as compared to national standards, and to understand local motivations for giving – or not. This quantitative research effort, commissioned by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation and the Nonprofit Resource Center, revealed that Sacramento regional residents as a whole, are less likely to give and donate fewer dollars than the national average. The most striking negative variance in total giving was found among households with more than $200,000 in annual income as compared to their national counterparts.

If successful, the Generosity Project could provide a catalyst that will mark a historic expansion in the base of regional residents who clearly recognize charitable giving as fulfilling an essential and personal responsibility to their community’s well-being.

A multi-year community outreach campaign will begin this fall. See the Press Release and Fact Sheet. Download the full report at