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The League operates as a member-driven enterprise. Programs and services provided by the League are organized around the expressed needs of its members, thus helping to ensure relevance, utility and economy in the League’s member services work.

Principal Benefits to Members


The League provides a venue and structure for regular collegial interactions among the CEOs of the state’s community foundations. The League also offers opportunities for other community foundation staff members in specialized functional areas (grantmaking, development, fiscal/administration, and communications) as well as members of community foundation Boards to interact and learn from each other.  Community foundation Board Chairs also have an opportunity, through the League, to meet annually, establish peer relationships and exchange ideas about the direction and governance of their organizations.

Capacity Building

The League offers a wide array of education and training programs and services designed to ensure that each member community foundation has the information and tools necessary to conduct their philanthropic business at the highest levels of effectiveness. These offerings are developed in response to members expressed needs as well as emerging trends in the philanthropic field.

Information-Sharing and Communications

The League collects and disseminates current practice-relevant information to its member community foundations on a wide range of issues. The aim is to ensure that community foundation practitioners have ready access to the information they need to advance their institutions’ missions. The League also provides an efficient means of communication to and within the community foundation field statewide. This communications capacity is used for technical assistance requests, broadcasting fieldwide information and general peer-to-peer communications.

Interested in becoming a member?

See the information below, and contact the League office at 209.984.3955 with questions or for more information.