About the League

Vision Statement

Together we support and sustain vibrant communities.

We are an effective sustainable network of community foundations working individually and at a statewide level to strengthen links between local community needs and the resources available to address them.


The League of California Community Foundations was created in 1994 as a statewide partnership of community foundations. The League currently consists of 30 community foundations with combined philanthropic assets of more than $13.7 billion. This represents over 95 percent of the community foundation assets in California.

In 2014, League members and their donors made grants and scholarships totaling over $975 million to promising students and to nonprofit organizations doing important work across a wide spectrum of human and community needs, including: health and human services, education, youth recreation and development, the environment, economic and community development, arts and culture, leadership development, and disaster preparedness and response. League member community foundations also provide a range of philanthropic services to their donors and frequently serve as conveners and leaders on local issues in their communities.

When the League was created, one of every five Californians lived in an area with no community foundation. Today, more than 97 percent of the state’s population, and the nonprofit organizations that serve them, have access to the resources of a community foundation.

Recognized as a leader within the philanthropic field, the League has participated in the development and implementation of several major national initiatives, including one to build public awareness of community foundations and another to advance the field’s standards of excellence and accountability.