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Silicon Valley Community Foundation Reaches Milestone of $1 Billion in Grant Awards

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With a grant to the National Resources Defense Council in June, Silicon Valley Community Foundation reached a significant milestone of awarding $1 billion in grants since their creation in 2007.  The Foundation manages more than $2 billion in assets. See the Mercury News article for more information.

Greater Sacramento Generosity Project To Spark Charitable Giving in the Region

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“How do we increase charitable giving in our region to ensure the health of community nonprofits into the future so they can continue to do their vital work?”

This question is at the heart of the Greater Sacramento Generosity Project’s mission to understand and nurture philanthropy in the region. The first step of the project has been to quantify giving in the region as compared to national standards, and to understand local motivations for giving – or not. This quantitative research effort, commissioned by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation and the Nonprofit Resource Center, revealed that Sacramento regional residents as a whole, are less likely to give and donate fewer dollars than the national average. The most striking negative variance in total giving was found among households with more than $200,000 in annual income as compared to their national counterparts.

If successful, the Generosity Project could provide a catalyst that will mark a historic expansion in the base of regional residents who clearly recognize charitable giving as fulfilling an essential and personal responsibility to their community’s well-being.

A multi-year community outreach campaign will begin this fall. See the Press Release and Fact Sheet. Download the full report at

California Community Foundation Launches Search for Unsung Heroes

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California Community Foundation recently launched a search for Unsung Heroes – individuals impacting lives and communities through their selfless and notable acts of charity. Unsung Heroes are individuals who are remarkable and effective contributors to charities or charitable causes and/or exceptional humanitarians who employ leadership and vision in their philanthropy. They must be residents of L.A. County, but their impact can extend to lives and communities beyond.

See the Press Release and Nomination Form, and learn more at